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Sales Development STRATEGY

Sales Consulting Services that clarify Goals, Strategies and Tactics.
Transforming Growth Organizational Sales Forces

Having your sales force committed to a clear and concise sales strategy is just one step in delivering enterprise value for your organization. If your sales organization is not delivering successful outcomes at a high-level, chances are your Internal and External processes are not helping your organization grow. 

The JL Chapman Group's Sales Development Workshop is a one-day consulting service workshop designed to engage and align your sales force around organizational goals to drive growth. 

We understand that growing a business can be overwhelming. Our one-day sales development workshop is designed to clarify your sales force and bring your organization to the next level. To book your Sales Development Workshop fill out our Discovery Form today. 

Align Your Sales Organization

        On Desired Outcomes

Workshop Overview:

At the core of the Sale Strategy workshop, we make sure that your internal sales process is structured with the right steps to move every opportunity forward systematically.


Next, we identify which external drivers are forcing your customers to act and understanding how to regularly monitor the macro and micro factors that affect your business and industry and how to respond to them in relation to your organization.


Finally, we take a deeper look at identifying key leadership touchpoints who are responsible for communicating organizational vision, providing direction, and delegating authority and responsibility. 

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Operations Assessment
Sales Organization Models
Compensation Analysis
Channel Analysis
KPIs and Best Practice Metrics
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