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Finding the right Compensation Planning Program for your salesforce varies significantly depending on the industry and the type of product or services your organization sells. If your unsure of how to structure your sales compensation plan to benefit both employees and your organization we can help.

The JL Chapman Group implements the best compensation planning program suited for your organization by developing a clear understanding of your business objectives and direction for the sales team. We believe that creating an environment that individuals enjoy being part of can keep your employees motivated to sell, while helping your business achieve performance goals. Develop a competitive compensation program with us by booking a consultation today. 


Accurate Sales Forecasting allows salesforces and business organizations to make better decisions when setting goals, hiring, budgeting and making growth-impact decisions. 

The JL Chapman Group can develop accurate sales forecasting systems that manage your organizations short-term and long-term performance. Our strategic process for implementing the best systems allow your organization to make insightful demand decisions that maximize your selling efforts. Stop missing your quarterly sales projections and book a consultation today.


Developing a sustainable Profit Analysis Process in a growth organization can be difficult. We make sure your organization is not spending money on retaining loss making customers by evaluating how profitable your existing customers are and if your selling them the best products for their business needs.

At the JL Chapman Group, we pay close attention to understanding where your organizations profits are coming from and identify which customers are not a good fit by focusing on customers and product/service profitability, we can take your organization to the next level. The faster you start to understand how profitable your customers and products/services really are, the sooner you can begin to grow your organization. Book your consultation now.

Sales Management Tools


Improving productivity is a top-priority for growth businesses who are looking to develop Organizational Culture.

The JL Chapman Group believes that every team needs to enjoy both the day-to-day tasks and work environment to be successful in an organization. We establish industry specific processes that remind everyone that teamwork is the primary goal in building culture. Our abilities to transform organizational culture  starts with Senior Leaders who engage and inspire their teams with a vision supported by clearly-defined objectives and guide the team to organizational success. Build your competitive advantage today and book a consultation.


Overlooking the importance of a balanced Territory Design in a growth organization has a direct impact on your projected profit goals. An effective sales structure designed with fair and equitable processes to meet individual and organizational sales quotas has the ability to increase your selling efforts. 

At the JL Chapman Group, we focus on Territory Design strategies that communicate with customers on a regular basis to develop rapport, identify business opportunities, and tracking and reporting of sales results (weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually).

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